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Procedure For Selling a Weapon

Rules & Regulations



Apart from UAE Nationals, (GCC and other countries) are not allowed to purchase weapons onsite.


DEADLINE 10th August 2016    

Procedure for buying/selling knives, bows and arrows

  • Knives, bows and arrows must be handed to the buyer outside the exhibition hall after leaving the exhibition at the designated area outside halls.

  • Under no circumstances should the knives, bows & Arrows be handed over to the buyer inside the halls - the buyer must collect the item purchased immediately after leaving the exhibition.

  • Selling Knives, bows & arrows to visitors below 18 years is strictly prohibited.

  • Laser, electric sticks and electric self-defense items are strictly prohibited


Exhibitor Weapons Inventory and Handover

  • Submit a copy of your trade license requested by the Organiser
  • If you hold an exclusive dealership with a certain 3rd party supplier, please make sure to inform the Organisers.
  • List all weapons you intend to bring to the show, list must be submitted in Excel Format Version 2007 ONLY (Excel sheet will be provided by Organisers) 

    Your list must be submitted no later than Wednesday 10th August 2016 on weaponrylist@informa.com

    Each page may only contain 35 items; additional items must be included on a separate page with consecutive numbering.

  • Additional items may not be accepted after the list has been submitted.
  • Request for additional items will NOT be accepted after the NOC has been issued.
  • Letter of intention will be issued upon request.


Your weaponry shipment to UAE:

  • All weapons must arrive in Abu Dhabi.
  • Shipments received by the Abu Dhabi Police MUST match the NOC (No Objection Certificate) issued to you.
  • Packaging of weapons should be according to submitted list (item number = serial number).
  • Packing of DUMMY ammunition should be secured.
  • No cartridge or ammunition dummies should be left after the exhibition. Extra or unused dummies must be handed over to the Abu Dhabi Police.
  • Unsold weapons must be sent back to the country of origin.
  • Proof of the returned weaponry to country of origin to be provided by the exhibitor
  • Air guns (Subject to Abu Dhabi police approval – please refer to 12.1) /Auto guns/laser/live ammunition will NOT be permitted.



  • In order to gain the permit from the Abu Dhabi Police, all the above mentioned documents must be submitted no later than Wednesday 10th August 2016.
  • Any permits/licenses required from your country of origin, will have to requested by yourself; this is not the organiser’s responsibility.
  • Once your list is approved by Abu Dhabi Police, an NOC (No Objection Letter) will be submitted to you along with the list.
  • Please ensure to follow the correct procedure in order to exhibit your weapons.


Failure to follow guideline will result in rejection of your weapons.




Weapons shall enter the state via one of Abu Dhabi’s ports (land, sea and air)

The display of exhibits is strictly in accordance with exhibition rules and regulations (see terms & conditions on your participation contract). No live ammunition or explosives will be exhibited on the stands except models, dummy, inert or live cutaways.

It is a requirement from the“Abu Dhabi Weapons & Explosive Department” that there should be no loose weapons on the stands or counters and all weapons MUST BE PERMANENTLY TETHERED.

Each weapon should have a trigger lock – as per the visual below – FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN INABILITY OF THE COMPANY TO DISPLAY THE WEAPON


Weapon for the purpose of the exhibition includes:

  • Rifles
  • Pistols 
  • Revolvers
  • Heritage Daggers ONLY
  • Hunting Knives ONLY
  • Wooden & plastic archery items ONLY


Prohibited Weapon includes:

  • Knives & white arms used in unusual civilian purposes
  • Swords and daggers (excluding heritage)
  • Fencing, spears and arrows
  • Pickaxe & axes used in unusual civilian purposes
  • Punching accessories made for killing or abusing
  • Sticks with harpoon or heavily metals made for combat purposes
  • Spear weapons
  • Machete Combat
  • Pin or stick or roller chains, which ends with thorns
  • Chains linked to white arms


DISPLAYING of SILENCERS & LASERBEAMS: if you have received an exceptional approval for silencers and laser beams, please note that these to be displayed in an enclosed area such as a storage area, for private viewing only (VIP’s & Royal Family)

It has also been requested that each weaponry & co-exhibitor appoints only 1 or 2 stand representatives to deal with the Abu Dhabi Weapons & Explosive Department, to avoid congestion in the storage area.

Only specialized staff will be allowed to present and sell weaponry to visitors – it is not acceptable to allow ‘non-specialist’ persons, including family members to present, discuss or sell weaponry products from a stand. “Abu Dhabi Weapons & Explosive Department” will act accordingly wherever this is found to be happening from an exhibitors stand, one of the consequences being fined.

Please make sure that the weapon is not sold for more than one person.

Weapons can only be sold to UAE Nationals only.



The sale of weapons and ammunition (DUMMY ammunition) during ADIHEX is governed by instructions and procedure that is clearly presented to the concerned exhibitors for strict adherence.

The only permitted weapons to sell during the show are the list approved by the Police.

An invoice book will be handed over to the weaponry exhibitor’s onsite for the selling/invoicing process.

Once the buyer has completed licensing, exhibitors must report the transaction to the “Abu Dhabi Weapons & Explosive Department” for registration and documentation.

We highly encourage exhibitors to keep sold items on display till the end of the show – to allow other visitors to experience the product.



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