The following procedures must be adhered to when buying a weapon:

1.Having selected a weapon, complete the form which will be provided by the participating weapons company at ADIHEX and attach 2 photographs, a copy of Khulasa and a copy of your passport.

2.Obtain the approval from the Weapons Licensing Office bringing all the documents below:

1.The Original passport and a photocopy

2. The Original labor card and a photocopy

3. The Original family book and a photocopy

4. The Original Emirates identity card and photocopy

5. The Original certificate of good conduct from Abu Dhabi Police.

6. Certificate of Weapon Proficiency (for non-military people)

7. For more information, please call 800 555Certificate of Weapon Proficiency (for non-military people)

3.You may obtain the approval/permit from the Weapons Licensing Department as follows:


Before the show days at the Weapons Licensing Department, in order to receive the purchased weapon during the show days, you may apply for the permit in the Weaponry Licensing Department.


Apply onsite during the show days in the Weapons Licensing Office BUT (receiving your purchased weapon may not be 100% guaranteed during the show days), Paying the required amount to the company. In case the license is rejected, the full amount shall be refunded.

1. The Weapons Licensing Office will receive the weapon from theexhibiting company and the exhibition organizers after the closing of theexhibition and will finalize the licensing procedure and deliver the weapon to the new owner.

2. The weapons that will be mentioned on the end user certificatewill strictly be identical to those coming to the event. Therewon’t be any exception by the Abu Dhabi Police.

Apart from UAE Nationals, GCC and other countries are not allowed to purchase weapons onsite.